Arch Viz: Day 4

Today I took a break from working on the big ideas of the apartment, rather focusing on a smaller item: Speakers.

The overall design of the speaker is based off of the
Logitech Z200

I really like these speakers, they have a very clear and minimalist design while at the same time they sound great.
Modelling these speakers is actually quite simple and allows you to exercise some basic techniques.

Arch Viz Day 3

Today I did not have a lot of time, so I only added some doors, and added some basic lighting.

The Light source is the Arnold > Physical Sky. The only thing changed is the elevation of the sun.

Arch Vis Experiment Day 2

Now I started to block out the layout of the apartment and with using the Outliner and File References I started to model the first piece of furniture.

ArchViz Experiments

After a very long time I finally found some time to start experimenting with Maya again.
Hopefully over the next couple of days I will find enough time to create a basic Architectural Visualization of an apartment.

First I googled for a blueprint.

Today I simply created the base Poly Walls by starting out with a Cube and extruding it along the blueprint.

Creative Workshop: 02 -Easy as ABC

The task was simply to create a Typeface. While I did not put a lot of time and effort into this task. I did try to use various rules to create my typeface.
Overall each letter should
* have a thick and thin part to it
* fit into a 4×3 grid.
* If possible the Thickness should become thinner