Teaser: Hollywood’s greatest trick
Visualizing the Design Process

I checked out the DelftX Course Delft Design Approach. The first assignment was to think about the design process and create a visualization.

For my (ideal) design process you need four steps

  1. Raw Materials (Research, Skills, Past Projects)

  2. Create variations of the Product (Sketches)

  3. Create the Product

  4. Refine the Product and thus becoming again a potential raw material for another product

Stab of Lost Love

“Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes… just be an illusion.”


Two people together form a full heart. When one person loves another with passion and warmth and the other person responds only with a cold indifference, that is the stab of lost love. The passionate heart will bleed and will have to let go to protect itself.  

I created this image in 2004.

Star of Helios

Finally I found a couple of minutes to model and shade small decorative star. I called it the “Star of Helios”.

The most well known story about Helios is about his son taking his Chariot of the Sun for a ride. However he cannot control the chariot and sets the world on fire.

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