Rendering Animation without Watermark

Let’s take a quick look at how to render an Animation Sequence using Maya 2016 and Arnold.

A lot of people are encountering an Watermark when they use “Batch Render” (as you could do with Mental Ray.) In Maya 2016 Autodesk switched from the default Nvidia Mental Ray Renderer to Solidworks Arnold. The Licence included with Maya does not include the usage of “Network Nodes”. The Batch Render functionality actually starts a “Network Node” on your local computer (even if you are only using a single computer). Thus this results in Arnold adding a Watermark to the renders.

Step 1 - General Rendering Settings

  • Frame/Animation ext: You need to select something with a “#”-Symbol in the Name. The “#” is the placeholder for the Frame Number.
  • Frame Range: This tells Maya which Frames should be rendered.
  • Renderable Camera: This is the View that is going to be Rendered * The Image Size: This is a setting you should have set earlier when defining your camera, however simply double check if this is set to the correct output.

Step 2: Render Sequence

Instead of using the Arnold Render View, you must use the default Maya Render view. With Render > Render Sequence, the Animation will be rendered with Arnold. The Output will be stored in your project Settings location for “/images”

Note: If you open directly the Maya Renderview, you first have to select the correct camera again. (Render > Render > {Render_Cam}) To Repeat the Render press the Button “Render Sequence”