Tripledot Productions

At school I was involved with a lot of technical and media stuff. I started to create a couple of smaller videos and document school plays and stuff. There came a point where I just wanted to make it look “more professional”, thus ‘Tripledot Productions’ was created and a logo was shown at the beginning of the clips.

Sadly I lost all of the videos I created during that time, as they were all stored on low quality DVDs, which degraded over time. Storage for videos was very costly at that time. The logo survived as the original Maya file for Maya 5, thus I could render out a new version and now you can see it on YouTube.

The logo was one of my first experiments animating objects in Maya. While the Animation is simple, it took hours looking into it and experimenting with the various controls. I did not know anything what I was doing, and I practically had almost no Internet Access while learning the stuff.