Create a Camera and Autosetup for Rendering

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Neal Burger

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When rendering with Mental Ray I always use a dedicated RenderCam. To create this camera I usually do the following

  1. Create the Camera
  2. Rename the Camera to “RENDER_CAM”
  3. Add the Lens shader “mia_exposure_photographic”
  4. Look through the Camera, Position it
  5. Do Test Renders

What really bothered me about this process, is that these steps are always the same and for Animations, I forgot to set this camera as the RenderCam for Batch Render. I created this short script to do these steps automatically:

import pymel.core as pm

def createRenderCam(name = "RENDER_CAM", exposure = True):
    Creates a camera and renames it

    str name: name of the camera
    bool exposure: connect a mia\_exposure\_photographic node to the camera
    if not pm.objExists(name):
        cam =\[0\]
        pm.rename(cam, name)
        \[cam.renderable.set( for cam in\]
    cam = pm.PyNode(name)

    if exposure:
        if not cam.miLensShader.isConnected():
            node = pm.createNode("mia\_exposure\_photographic")
            pm.connectAttr(node.message, cam.miLensShader, force=True)

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